The Research Group Geomorphology is part of the Department for Geography and Geology at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and focusses on earth surface dynamics and human impacts on landscapes in various environments. We apply and develop state-of-the-art lab and field methods focusing on surface and subsurface analysis, process dynamics and dating techniques. Our research is embedded into a network of national and international scientist, consulting companies and local authorities.



Current research projects investigate proglacial sediment dynamics, mountain permafrost, sediment budgets, late- and postglacial landscape dynamics, long-term landscape evolution, rock slope instability and natural hazard management. Various methods are applied including geochronology, near surface geophysics, high resolution remote sensing as well as classic methods of field geomorphology.


Transfer of Knowledge

Our research-driven teaching activities in Physical Geography focus specifically on theoretical and applied approaches in geomorphology, global environmental change issues and natural hazards. We are involved in Bachelor Programs as well as responsible for the Master Program of Applied Geomorphology and Alpine Hazards at the University of Salzburg. Our graduates are trained to meet the requirements of consultants, authorities, research agencies and other fields of geoscience.


Meet the Team

Our team consists of experts from the fields of geography, geology, geoinformatics, physics, and soil science.

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